Energy & Herbal Sessions

Each service is tailored specifically for you!  What your body needs, what you have experienced in life, how you handle situations, etc. are unique to you.  I work directly on your needs based on what is discussed in our consultation and your energy.


The consultation is an opportunity for you to tell me all about your needs and desires with regards to healing.  What issues and concerns do you have that you’d like to address?

Energy Healing Sessions

After you’ve had an opportunity to tell me what you’re hoping to accomplish with energy healing, I will do remote energy healing on your behalf.  At the completion of your healing session I will send you a PDF summary of what occurred during your healing session. It will look something like this:

Herbal Plans

After our initial consultation, and based on your energy, I will put together a plan specifically tailored to your needs.  Herbal Plans can include any or all of the following:

— Dietary recommendations

— Recipes

— Herbal cleanses

— Herbal baths

— Herbal healing aids

— Other products or supplements

— Beneficial exercise information

—  A detailed plan made especially for you

— A chart indicating when and how much of what to do

— Any other information which your energy says would be beneficial for you

Once your Herbal Plan is complete, I will send it to you as a PDF document via email.  Items included may look something like this: