Foot Zone Sessions

What is a Foot Zone?

The body has an incredible ability to heal itself when it has what it needs.  The body more easily is able to function at its highest level when the body is in alignment.
Foot Zoning aligns the meridians of the body and helps to support the body organs and functions.  Foot Zoning is done through applying acupressure to various meridian points on the top, sides and bottom of the feet.  Foot Zoning helps the body have what it needs in order to heal itself.
And it feels fabulous!


A Foot Zone Session is Like the Best Spa Treatment Ever!

Here is what you will receive when you are foot-zoned by me:

  • Cleansing foot bath
  • Hot towels
  • Essential oils
  • Healing Foot Zone massage
  • Herbs
  • Energy healing
  • A relaxing spa environment:  candles, music, essential oil diffuser, water feature, blanket on cold days, refreshing healthful drink, magazines to read…

What Should I Do After a Foot Zone Appointment?

It is always a good idea to drink lots of water!  Toxins in the body can be released during the foot zone and should be flushed out of the body as quickly as possible.

Drink a cup of Dandelion tea.  This also will help to flush out toxins.

Take it easy if possible.  Take a nap, sit and relax, or do something fun.  Joy and rest help the body to heal.