Hear What Some of My Clients Have to Say:

Thank you for the engery healing session.  I feel so different.  What a powerful engery shift of lightness.  Today has truly been an amzing day.  You have a gift.  Thank you!


I had a health issue causing me grief.  I reached out to Cindy.  She assessed the situation, recommended a pretty intensive, week-long herbal regimen with some less-intensive follow up for the weeks after — and BOOM: magic!  I started feeling better almost immediately.  Every day following her protocol got better and better, and now I’m feeling like I’m back to my normal, whacky self.

We pay our insurance co-pays without even blinking, and then (again, without blinking) we buy whatever medication they say we need. For basically the same price as that copay, you can have a professional consultation with Cindy, and for likely not a ton of money, you’ll be able to pick up whatever she recommends.

I’ve done a lot of work with a lot of people over the years, though, and Cindy is really good.


Thank you so much for all that you do. You truly are amazing and you are such a blessing to me, and to my family.

You have a real gift in energy healing, herbalogy, foot zoning, and muscle testing. My family and I have been blessed immensely by you and your gift of healing, your training, experience, and support.


I get a foot zone weekly (sometimes more often) which helps manage stress and improves my overall health. I also get advice on which herbal supplements to take, and in what quantities/frequency, which also improves my health.


Day by day I express my gratitude for the education and experience you have as an herbalist and in foot-zoning, natural healing, and emotional healing techniques.  This knowledge, together with your keen ability to muscle test, makes you a valuable and highly effective specialist. The work you have done for my family and me is invaluable.  Through your work you found the reasons some of our children could not think and function optimally; certain foods needed to be eliminated from their diets, and specific nutritional supplements were needed to support their systems.  In addition, some emotional blockages needed to be cleared. How very grateful I am for your work in my behalf.  When I was so sick with a mega virus that hit nearly every body system, you helped me regain my health step-by-step.  First you instructed me on what I needed to do to eliminate the many toxins.  You conducted foot-zoning sessions to help balance my systems.  And, you also worked up a protocol of nutritional supplements, including herbs and essential oils, to provide the building blocks necessary for my body to heal itself.  The result – I am fully functioning and serving and making goals!  Thank you for leading me to renewed and vibrant health.

— L.E.